Microblading is a procedure where where hair strokes are manually tattooed in, one by one. This works best for those with dry skin for crisp, thin lines. Oily skin types will have more blurred lines. 

Ombre brow is great for all skin types. This style goes from dark tails to lighter bulbs with a defined outline. This method is great to cover old permanent makeup or for those just wanting more definition.

Powder brows are less defined that the ombre brow. This style still has a dark to light transition. The difference is that there is no defined outline, but rather a powdery border.

Combo brows are a combination of hairstrokes and shading.

Nano brows are similar to microblading in that hairstrokes are tattooed one by one but is done with a tattoo machine instead of a hand tool. This method takes longer but is less traumatic to the skin. This method will also last longer than microblading.



    Please draw in eyebrows how you like or bring in pictures as a reference

    Avoid taking blood thinning medications at least 2 days before (ex: niacin, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E)

    No alcohol or caffeine the day before

    No exercising before your appointment

    Avoid brow threading, waxing and tinting at least 3 days before your appointment

    If you take Accutane, you must wait at least 6 months before the procedure

    If using Retin-A, stop use 4 weeks before the procedure.