Keratin Infusion lash lift is the only lash lift product that infuses the lashes with keratin, making them thicker and healthier. These products do not contain any chemical preservatives, ammonium, thioglycolate, or thioglycolic acid. The lashes won't dry out or kink after over time, keeping them healthy. Results last 6-8 weeks.


This is a lash lift using products from Elleebana. These products are also hypoallergenic, non-toxic, paraben and formaldehyde free. The results can last 6-8 weeks. This service is also done using your natural lashes and includes a nourishing treatment with oils to replenish the lashes. This works well for those with all lash lengths. 


1. Eyelash Extensions need to be removed at least 3 days to 1 week prior to appointment. 
2. For best results do not use waterproof mascara or curl your lashes 5 days prior to your treatment.
3. No eye makeup the day of your appointment. For example, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner etc.
4. Every client must fill out a waiver before starting treatment. 
5. Remove any eye makeup with oil free makeup remover the day prior.
6. It’s recommended to wash your hair prior to your appointment because you may not for 48 hours after.



1. No water and mascara on the lashes for 48 hours after the treatment.
2. No steam, no heavy exercising that would cause excessive sweating, no hair washing (at home) for 48 hours after etc.
3. No lash Serums, lash extensions, eye creams for 48 hours.
4. Use oil free make up remover wipes to wash your face after the treatment

Cost:  Keratin Infusion - $120 , Elleebana - $85



  • CLASSIC: One to one application. This method is best for those with a good amount of natural lashes but just want added length and curl.

  • HYBRID: A mix of classic and volume for those who want more coverage but don't want full volume.

  • VOLUME: Method where a multiple lashes in a fan are place on one natural lash. This is best for those who have sparse lashes or just want a full look.

  • STRIP LASH LOOK: Volume extensions styled to look like strip lashes.

Please come to your appointment without makeup. Refills must be done every 3 weeks. After that time frame it is considered a new set.


  1. Avoid getting lashes wet for the first 24 hours

  2. Do not pick or pull on your extensions.

  3. Thoroughly wash them everyday and brush out once dry.

  4. Avoid using mascara and oil based products.

Lash extension appointments available in San Jose on Monday and Wednesdays starting at 3:30pm. Please text 408-364-5116 book an appointment. $50 deposit required.