Tattoo lightening / Removal 



This process of tattoo lightening / removal is done using a concentrated salt and fruit seed extract solutions manufactured by Li Pigments. It can be used to lightening permanent cosmetics ink as well as body tattoo inks. The skin is broken and the solution is applied for 10 minutes drawing out pigment through osmosis. The area will be left to naturally scab and flake off. Vitamin E must be used for  4 weeks after the scab falls off to restore the integrity of the skin.


Like other methods of tattoo removal including laser and dermabrasion, lightening through this method may require multiple sessions. Clients can expect to have 2-6 sessions to to get their desired result. Sessions will be 8 weeks apart. Aftercare must be followed in order for the process to work. 


**PLEASE send me a picture of your tattoo before booking a removal appointment**